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Tips while choosing or placing artwork

Buying artwork for your home is a means of self-expression. So, consider the wall as your canvas! Experiment with the subject, color and composition. Make sure to buy art that makes the space feel your own.

We understand that choosing artwork for your house is never easy, but it isn't that tough either., You may feel overwhelmed with a lot of questions! So, if you ever find yourself stuck in such situations, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

The available space

First thing you need to do is identify where all in the house would you like to place the art. This should be done after you place (or decide where you want to) place the furniture. If you have a large wall available, a huge piece of art can create a great impact. Alternatively, a gallery wall or a collage is a great choice. For smaller walls, consider putting a set of 2-3 pieces vertically.

Art work placed off-centred on the wall above a Study table. The colors complement the room decor.
Client's residence in DLF 5, Gurugram

Size of the art

Once you identify the wall, the size should be considered keeping in mind the surrounding items. Eg. If you are placing the painting above a sofa, the frame should not extend beyond the sofa edges. Ideally it should be 70-80% length. Same goes for a console or a cabinet. Having a frame that is the same width as the furniture, above which the art is, is not the ideal way to go.

Japandi themed office with track lights and Oak furniture. Scandinavian style.
Client's Office in East Delhi

Style of art

It is important to consider the theme, colors and style of your décor before choosing the artwork. If the existing decor is neutral, you could either go for color-rich piece to add that pop, or Black & Whites to maintain the serenity of the decor. But, if you have a colorful room, choose solid colors, neutral, not too busy art.

Art above Sofa.Sepia tones in a neutral themed home. Greenery in the patio balances the lack of color.
Client's residence in Pamposh Enclave, Delhi


When doing up a collage wall or multiple artworks on single wall, it is very important to consider the overall placement and style of each piece of art. Style should be in sync and the frames should have enough breathing room. Even in random placement, there should be some symmetry or balance.

COLLAGE of prints. Wallpaper on the wall. Aqua teal combination
Client's residence in Noida

Lighting up the art

Imagine you have the best collection of art but its not well lit! This is where a little planning can help. Using picture lights placed right above the artwork is the most common and easy way to light up your collection but you could try using spotlights placed on ceiling which gives a soft spot. Adding spots on floor (which usually is tricky) can be quite dramatic too!

Oak Cabinet with Pair of art. Track lights to light up the art
Client's Office in East Delhi

Hanging height

The height at which you place the artwork is another really important aspect for the best imapct. Generally speaking, the center of the art should be at eye level around i.e., 5'6" - 6' from the floor.If placing above the mantle or console, then the gap between the table top and art bottom should be around 6-9". You could alternatively place the art on the console/mantle top.

Tall cabinet with Art placed on top. Wallpaper in the background. Contemporary chandelier.
Client's residence in CR Park, Delhi

Now that you have a few tips, go on and choose the perfect art for your home!


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