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Styles of Furniture

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Our home tells the story of who we are, and the furniture reflects our personality. Love for antiques or a modern choice, finds a reflection in the furniture. Today’s market is booming with options of different types of furniture, which are classified in the following categories:

Traditional Furniture

Traditional furniture paints a picture of pure elegance. Characterized with deep colors, enhanced designs along with wood tones, curved lines, claw and bun feet, they bring back to life the Victorian days. Not only this, one can feel the warmth of olden days spread over centuries with decorative details like paneling and molding. The opulent structures provide the owners with an extra ounce of comfort. Traditional furniture is usually designed in rich shades of brown, black and white. Use of velvets and Jacquards are typical to this style.

Modern furniture found its distinguished place in home furnishing in the post-world war II eraCharacterized with simplicity and lack of decorative art and ornate structure, this furniture became a household presence in the 20th century. These are distinguishable with the use of natural hues unlike the bold ones used in traditional furniture. Apart from wood, plastic, steel and glass are also used in it.

Contemporary Furniture

Often confused with modern furniture, contemporary furniture depicts the style of the present day. This furniture is distinguished with its crisp lines and geometric shapes. Found in glossy finishes and neutral colors of black, white and grey, this furniture epitomizes modern times.

Transitional Furniture

A modern infusion into traditional furniture creates transitional furniture. It can be defined as the best mix between the modern and traditional furniture designs. It is a blend between the age-old elegance of noble design with the modern furniture material like glass, steel, plastic. It provides a varied variety of colors ranging from rich shades of brown to more glossy finish in mix of wood and steel.

 Mid-Century Modern

This form of furniture design gained momentum in the mid-20th century. These are depicted with the use of minimalist silhouettes along with hand-made and hand painted elements.  Mid-century modern furniture usually uses rich solid colors with different shades of wood being prominent. Vintage mid-century modern furniture is back in business. It has special demands from niche groups of designers and connoisseur of furniture.


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