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Common Mistakes in Design - 1

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Accessories are what makes your house lived in.

Accessorizing your home is the key to that perfect decor, but this is where most individuals, & even designers, go wrong.

Remember that your Home is not a showroom. Don’t go overboard! But having said that, under-dressing the home can make it dull too. So key is the right balance, like everything else :)

Another thing I often notice (even I am party to this) is that we try and pick all accessories in a day or two. We go out shopping and pick pick pick....but this is a big NO! Your home tells a story of who you are where you have been and the accessories are the best medium to tell that story. And hence, they ( and I would include art too) should be collected over time... when you travel... when you see something interesting, something exclusive or something that is you! And if you haven’t done this so far, it’s never too late to start. Start now. When you meet with your designer at the inception of the project, get them to guide you. Think of it all along!


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